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Founded 2011, Image Halong Cruises company offers a pioneering new generation luxury of vessel with both uncompromising quality and safety standards: Pelican Cruise Halong Bay. This is the premise to operate a new luxury cruise company in Halong Bay: Pelican Cruises Halong Company.
Pelican Cruises Halong company first launched in 2012 by Mr Nguyen Duy Phu – the founder who had 14 years served in Vietnam Navy force and 20 years owned his fleet in Halong Bay before he and the management have decided operating new most luxury cruise line in Halong bay – Pelican Cruise Halong company. Our fleet made in Vietnam with Vietnamese traditional style, they were allluxury designed by the French architectural. The fleet has 5 luxurious cruises in Halong Bay: Pelican cruise 1 was launched in 2012, soon followed by Pelican cruise 2 and Pelican cruise 3 in end of 2013. Beside Pelican Cruises line is Image Halong Cruises launched in 2012 and Glory Legend Cruises in 2014 – the latest addition which most luxurious line for the medium size of cruise in Halong Bay. Accommodate 95 cabin with fleet of 5 cruises, Pelican Cruises Halong could carry and serve nearly 200 guests with the highest standards of hospitality worthy of world class.
We are one of few cruises line in Halong Bay with fully equipment, the highest safety standards with sonar, radars. Each cabin is provided modern alarm devices linked to a central monitoring system, smoke sensor, fire extinguishers, hydrant and hoses, life jacket and clear emergency instructions. However, the most important one to make the excellent service, to constantly listen to and learnany feedback of customers to improve our service, to constantly researching, developing a new product and build the new remote to the gorgeous area with the path less traveled, to constantly keep environment in Halong Bay is our staff – the HUMAN RESOURCES.

For the fully equipment of the luxurious cruise line provided by the management with the professional staff, PELICAN CRUISES HALONG guarantees to bring intimate atmosphere and world class of the service to the customers.