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Pelican Luxury Cruise – Image Halong Cruise Company

Founded 2011, Image Halong Cruises company offers a pioneering new generation luxury of vessels with both uncompromising quality and safety standards: Pelican Luxury Cruise

With 3 similar Pelican Luxury Cruises, each of 22 cabins, will provide a 5-stars experience.
The first Pelican boat launched in  early 2012 and  two others operated 2013
Each of 22 cabins  accommodating a maximum 150 passengers for Halong Bay Cruises or Event.

Wide 02 Royal double cabins at 30m2 for each, 20 Deluxe cabin at 17m2 each boat will accommodate passengers in perfect settings: all with a wide bow-window and a private balcony, wooden floor and hand-made furniture, private air-conditioning and in-house telephone, safety box, and well appointed private bathroom with deluxe amenities too.

Pelican Luxury Cruise
Pelican Luxury Cruise

Together with his team, Pelican Luxury Cruise’s  founder Mr. Nguyen Duy Phu boasts a broad knowledge of both navigation and cruising companies’ management: his 14-years experience in the Vietnamese marine forces coupled together with the Direction of companies such as Hailong Junk during 15 years and Bhaya Cruises during 5 years will bring guests the guarantee for a perfect re-definition of new standards in safe and luxurious cruises.

Fleet’s Safety Policy

Highest security standards will be provided through state-of-the-art equipments and a continuous coaching of the crew. The fleet’s vessels will operate the latest electronic devices to operate safe cruises in all sea and weather conditions: sonars and radars, engines’ control and fire detection will prevent any sort of possible damage on the boats. Cabins will all be equipped with alarm devices linked to a central monitoring system, smoke sensors and fire extinguishers, hydrants and hoses, life jackets and clear emergency instructions. Local and international crew will be trained to implement clear safety processes, while a speed boats’ fleet will be ready 24/24 to operate emergency rescue .