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(English) Tai Chi with mysterious beauty on Pelican Halong Cruise

Perhaps no one in this world has ever heard of Tai Chi – traditional martial arts originating from China in the 12th century. Tai Chi martial was universal throughout the world and it is very popular variations in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan, … Tai Chi kung fu has become a common martial for everyone here, people used to practice Tai Chi martial, improve heart strength and support to gives the practice a healthy spirit and lucid. It is also known as Tai Chi is a discipline of oxygen and gas operators throughout the human body, awakens the mysterious energy source in man, helping him to overcome his limitations. The extremely smooth movements of Tai Chi beautifully had hidden in it worth the massive and deeply of Zhongyuan martial arts and qigong with a very respectable.
You also can find a lot of schools martial arts legend, one of which is a combination of Tai Chi from China and Yoga from India and Vietnamese had been created it with Vietnamese’s Tai Chi stylish. Pelican Halong Cruise extremely proud of Master Le Bac – an awesome one of Qigong and Tai Chi, he has created a distinctive feature of Ha Long Cruise Pelican products are Tai Chi and Qigong combines and Tai Chi with fans. This is the only character on the Pelican Halong Cruise in Ha Long Bay.
You can imagine between nature’s majestic Ha Long Bay and under the guidance of master Le Bac with unique Tai Chi lessons that will give you invaluable experience on the trip to Ha Long Bay. The pictures that we send to you in this blog post merely portraying a mysterious beauty section of Tai Chi and scenery of Ha Long Bay dreamland.