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Safe Cruises

Halong Bay Pelican Cruise has directed to all crew members a program: “safety for happy”. That meant Pelican Cruise Halong are fully equipped for whole team boats. Beside, this program has been taking care of our Management every detail and carefully.
Full of safety facilities:
Pelican Cruise Halong supplied full of safety facilities for all team boats. Visitors could recognize it easily when you start exploring Ha Long Bay with us. Firstly, guests would see many life jackets which supply for them on the tender to transfer visitors from and to the mother ship. The tender are also the life boats which supply 2 life boats/ Pelican Cruise Halong cruises line members.

At the public area such as dining room, deck, passengers way, ladders way, under table in the dining room… visitors could easily find out the life jackets, life buoys, life rafts, life rings, hydrant and hoses, fire extinguishers to use just in Emergency case.

In the cabin, there are 2 or 3 life jackets depends on how many people/ cabin supplied by our cruise ship. We put them under the bed, visitors could tell our crew in advanced you need more life jackets. Also we have supplied hammer and the flash in case of emergency, they are located at the corner in your cabin. Please close your window and ensure lock your door and leave your room’s key to our crew for safe whenever you do out door activities. Cabin will all be equipped with alarm devices linked to a central monitoring system, smoke sensor, fire extinguishers. Visitors could have clearly emergency instruction next to your door inside your cabin.
Pelican Cruise Halong is supported strongly by the Management to provide full of facilities: VHF radio, GPS plotting, water pump system, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, ICOM system, video camera at entrance, emergency lighting at emergency exits, announcement, emergency electric generator, visual alarm for common areas.
The medical aid is available for using on ship.
Every boats member of Luxury Pelican Cruise has been maintained every six month. Our fleet operates under professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedule. Depends on the feature of the facilities and feature of the season, we plan the schedule for each boat to maintenance in different period of the year.
In case, the cruise ship immediately would be in our own dry dock for maintenance.
We only cruise when we know everything is well prepared to get the Amazing BaiTu Long Bay – Ha Long Bay in the visitor’s heart.

Safety training:
Our staff are well – trained, high skillful, professional and whole team must join safety training every twelve month to get higher skill to know how to deal with emergency case and well taken care of visitors.

Emergency case:
In this case, visitors please follow emergency instruction of our experiences captain and crew. Our crew arewell trained, excellence knowledgeable in marine time and rescue and they know how to do in this case.