The culinary delights of Ha Long Bay

Not only known for Ha Long Bay – the world’s natural heritage and other attractive Quang Ninh tourist attractions, the mining land also has many famous specialties. With the advantage of terrain including mountains and sea, Quang Ninh specialties are very diverse and rich. Visitors coming here will enjoy delicious seafood dishes and famous mountainous products. But the dishes in Ha Long are mainly made from seafood with the traditional methods of the fishermen and from unique seafood species that many people have never seen before.

The culinary delights of Ha Long (Source: Internet)

For example, “Austriella corrugate Deshayes” – a mollusk that lives only in mine lands. Austriella corrugate Deshayes is very nutritious and can be cooked into many different delicious dishes such as boiled dish, grilled dish, salad, porridge, and vermicelli noodles. Each dish is processed in different ways and has its own flavor.

Ha Long’s specialty (Source: Internet)

Ha Long also has many other specialties that visitors cannot miss when traveling here such as: squid rolls (eaten with sticky rice, rolls), Ha soup, Say fish (hybrid duck), Ha Long sam, oysters, octopus, lobster, crabs, squid… Apart from that, the specialties from the famous hills and mountains also make a special impression on those travelers who discover it for the first time. Whether originating on the hill or under the sea, they are all imbued with local flavor, make them become a unique feature that attracts all visitors.

Hand-ground squid cake – a famous specialty in Ha Long (Source: Internet)

Seafood noodle – a “must-try” when visiting Ha Long Bay (Source: Internet)