How to book a Halong Bay Cruise

Experience a splendid cruise tour on Halong Bay with the following steps:


Step 1: Visit the website:

Please choose the suitable service for one of two types of cruise: Pelican Glory or Pelican Classic.

Step 2: Search and select departure date

Enter the place you want to go, the date of check-in – check-out, the number of guests – the type of cabin. Then, Click on the “Find” box.

Step 3: Select service

After filling in the information in Step 2, all information about location, cabin rate (including VAT), included services will appear, etc., helping you to freely choose the service that best suits you.

Step 4: Make a reservation

The photos of the cabin, location, and amenities in the cabin will be displayed. Immediately after researching and choosing the right service, please refer, select and make a reservation.

Step 5: Payment

Completing the booking step, fill in your personal information in the form of the website. If you have any special requests, please fill in the box “Special request”.

Step 6: Enter the address – complete the booking

After completing the booking steps, please enter your personal address and card information for the booking to be successfully confirmed.

After that, Pelican Cruises will send a booking confirmation to customer’s email.

*Note: If you have not received a confirmation letter from Pelican Cruises within 24 hours of booking, please contact us via [email protected].