Onboard Prevention – COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN


In response to developments in the COVID-19 pandemic as a new normal, Pelican Group has developed a Covid-19 prevention, control and safety plan, and will take the following measures to deal with the situation and protect the health of all passengers and staff on board:

– Following the 5K message from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, during this time, all cruises receive up to 80% of the passengers on board.
– All crew members and service staff on board must be fully vaccinated.
– Strictly implement 5K measures: all passengers and staff in charge will need to: wear masks, disinfect hands before boarding, keep distance when queuing and scan QR code for medical declaration.
– Check the body temperature of all passengers before departure from Hanoi and Got Wharf. All passengers will have their temperature checked by a thermometer that is distributed before departure from Hanoi and once before boarding. Results will be accurately recorded on the client information sheet and stored.
– In case the passenger’s temperature is higher than the specified level (37 degrees Celsius), the passenger will be asked for a quick test and a test kit will be provided.

– Masks are always available at the reception desk.
– Regulations for staff: Always wear a mask when in direct contact with guests (3-layer medical mask) and use hand sanitizer when serving guests.
– Hand sanitiser stations set up on boarding and strategic areas on board (reception, restaurant, sundeck, toilet, etc.)
– Two styles of serving food: À la carte and Buffet. Guests are required to wear masks while ordering or moving to the buffet counter to get food and drink.
– Avoid crowds as much as possible. Passengers may be rotated across viewing decks periodically to ensure the best experience for everyone.

– The whole ship will be cleaned and disinfected, and all rooms will be listed to ensure absolute cleanliness for the next passengers.

– Arrange an isolation area for the new Covid-19 infection/suspected cases. Since Pelican Cruises only accept up to 80% of passengers, the remaining empty rooms will be used as the isolation area.
– Medicines and rapid test kits are always fully prepared on board, in case a new infection/suspected case is detected.
– Guests/staff who have symptoms of Covid-19 and suspect infection, should immediately notify the staff and the management team to be provided with test kits and medicines.
– Guests/staff suspected of being infected with Covid-19 will be isolated in a pre-arranged isolation room.
– In case of emergency, a guest/staff infected with Covid-19 has a critical condition or develops severe illness, the ship management team will immediately contact the medical department and return the ship to the wharf.
– The whole ship, then, will be cleaned and disinfected, and all rooms will be listed to ensure absolute cleanliness for the next passengers.