Peaceful and poetic is what they feel about Ha Long on weekdays, different from the hustle and bustle when the number of tourists flocks on Saturday and Sunday.

Peaceful and poetic Halong Bay on ordinary days (Source: Internet)

With a busy work and study schedule, tourists are often looking for short-term vacations on weekends. Therefore, at this time, Ha Long is usually more crowded and bustling.

Crowded and bustling Halong Bay on weekends (Source: Internet)

On weekdays, without the crowds, Ha Long returns to its original state of serenity, peace and comfort. Waves pounding through the fishing villages, the smell of salty ocean air, faded shirts tied to the masts, and the flags hung high in the air. Somewhere in the distance, are the silhouettes of a few fishermen leisurely catching fish.

Bustling fishing villages in every morning (Source: Internet)

The water also becomes bluer as there are less ships passing by. It’s easy to find a quiet space to relax, or take stunning pictures by the deserted beach. And then when the daylight fades, the sun falls into the bay while the atmosphere becomes pleasant. At that moment, the wanderers will feel the real charm of the heritage wonder.

 Sunset falls into the bay (Source: Internet)

Coming to Ha Long on normal days, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the local people’s life in depth. Or you can witness the moment of season changing from a seaplane, zoom your eyes in and admire the panoramic view of the spectacular landscapes below. With natural vegetation and wild animals, Ha Long Bay has never been so beautiful and peaceful when uncrowded.

Another great thing is that when coming to Ha Long in the low season, all costs will be cheaper, from the air tickets to all other tourist activities. Feel free to enjoy fresh seafood, rich specialties of this fertile land, or experience interesting activities without having to wait in long lines.

No matter what time of the year it is, Ha Long Bay is always as beautiful as a muse, in its own way! But if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and private experience, then any weekday would be the best time for you to visit the heritage land.