Happiness and love come from the sea. There is nothing more wonderful than a private, romantic wedding held on a luxury cruise in the midst of the world’s wonder. When the boat is floating on the sea, the birds are spreading their wings flying under the sky, in the brilliant sunset, you make your promises in front of the witness of your families and closed friends. Those fairy moments will forever be imprinted in the hearts of the lovebirds.



With a professional team and top service quality, Pelican Cruises commit to provide a perfect wedding venue, with the following 4 criteria:

1. “One for All” – One location for the whole event:

Your entire wedding ceremony can take place on the cruise ship, there’s no need to worry about the extra cost of transporting the guests from one place to others. An outdoor ceremony on the sundeck, with the serve of cocktails and canapes, followed by a relaxing dinner in the elegant restaurant with panoramic views of the heritage bay.


2. Full package of services for your wedding ceremony:

Pelican Cruises offers a full package of services for your big event, including: wedding coordinator, catering, bar, cakes, as well as wedding decoration, sound and lighting systems.



3. Enjoy the wedding night in the middle of paradise bay:

On the first day that you are officially belong to each other, as a gift, we offer you a romantic night staying in our most luxurious suite on the cruise ship. What could be more ideal than relaxing with your loved one in a bubble bath full of roses after a long day, while being surrounded by a majestic masterpiece of nature creation?


4. Affordable prices with flexible booking policy:

Weddings at sea is a cost-effective way for young couples. Whether you book a private suite or rent an entire cruise ship, Pelican Cruises offers a wide range of packages to suit your budget. With a professional team and more than 14 years of experience, Pelican Cruises ensures that you will get the best bang for the buck.

Your dream wedding is at the tips of your fingers! Come tie the knot at the real paradise on Earth, one of the seven heritage wonders of the world – Ha Long Bay. Contact us now to design your dream wedding!