Imagine getting lost in the paradise bay with your loved one, wandering in the middle of heaven and earth, where it seems that only two people are immersed in whistling winds and music of the waves. Spending a weekend together on a cruise in Ha Long Bay will warm up your amorous feelings with entertaining activities just for the lovebirds:

Watching the romantic sunrise on the bay together:

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunrise in the world, there is nothing better than holding hands with your loved one, and enjoying the magical beauty of the wonder bay when the morning light dawns. The rays of sunlight appearing on the mountain slopes reflect on the water like a charming painting, which will surely become an unforgettable memory in the hearts of the lovebirds.

Swimming, immersing in the crystal clear water together, enjoying the immense sky and magnificent mountain view.

Surely nothing can make you feel more refreshing than swimming in the cool water and marvelling at spectacular landscapes and natural beauty of the wonder bay. But it will be perfect if you can swim with your lover in that turquoise water. All the fatigue and stress of everyday life will disappear, leaving only happy and joyful memories together.

Kayaking to discover the spectacular beauty of the world’s wonder and the magical caves, or the “secret” pristine beaches hidden among thousands of islands.

Exploring the magical cave together, rowing through mysterious dark places will make you two feel like you are adventuring into the earth. And when the sun shines at the end of the cave, you will breathe a sigh of relief. The sweet smell of wild grass mixes with the characteristic flavor of the open blue sky and wide sea. Then, together, we explore the “secret” pristine beaches hidden among thousands of islands, and enjoy a private moment when just the two of us laying on the smooth white sand. Surely, this exciting series of activities will make all the sweet emotions sublimate.

Relax on the sundeck and fully enjoy the romantic sunset:

After a day exploring the heritage domains together, it’s time to relax in the jacuzzi on the sundeck, holding a glass of favorite cocktail. When the boat floats under the swaying seagulls, the romantic sunset scene in the vast bay suddenly appears. At that moment, everything is beautiful, but the most beautiful “thing” is the person next to you.

Private dinner for two – enjoy the fine art of Eurasian cuisine:

After energy-burning activities throughout the day, the couple will enjoy a cozy, sweet and luxurious dinner just-for-two on our floating restaurant in the middle of the bay. The attractive dishes converging the quintessence of Eurasian cuisine made from fresh, premium ingredients and delicate decoration will surely make the lovebirds feel full of happiness.

Challenge each other in a “squid fishing competition” at night:

Add a little taste of challenge to sublimate your love, why not? Challenge your loved one to see who can catch more squid, and then enjoy the fresh seafood together.

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